The Best Chicken Pie Recipe Ever

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Creamy chicken pie to die for

I have always been interested in attempting to make a chicken pie. I recently had this at a friend’s house for supper and I was hooked. It was delicious. I got the recipe out of her and tried it the very next day. The result was all I had hoped for and more. Lucky for you, I have decided to share the creamy chicken pie recipe in order for you to experience its magnificence for yourself. It is a quick and easy recipe that takes 20 minutes to prep and another 12 minutes to cook.

The creamy chicken pie recipe is fun and attractive to kids as well as adults. It is perfect for supper, and a great picnic treat. Even though this chicken pie is perfect for those cold winter nights it makes for a good treat all year round.

You will need the following ingredients to start making your creamy chicken pie:

  • Olive oil
  • 1 kg of chopped chicken thighs
  • 1 chopped brown onion
  • 3 tablespoons of plain flour
  • 1 crushed garlic clove
  • Half cup of water
  • Half cup chicken stock
  • Half cup milk
  • 2 sheets of shortcrust pastry
  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 1 lightly beaten egg
  • 300 g can corn kernels
  • 8 bacon rashers
  • 6 mushrooms
  • 1 chopped leek

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Cook your chicken pieces in oil and then remove them from the pan. Add oil and saute your onion leek and garlic. You can now add the bacon as well as the corn kernels and mushrooms. Fry until bacon is fully cooked. Continue by returning your chicken to the pan.

The next step is to mix the water and flour in order to form a paste. Add the paste, stock and milk to the pan and stir. Leave it to cook for about 10-15 minutes.

Line a round 20 cm pie dish with shortcrust pastry. Add the chicken mixture and top it off with puff pastry. Remember to cut a small air hold on top. Press the edges of the crust around the pie pan to seal and trim excess pastry. Brush with egg and place in the oven to bake for 30 minutes.

“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.”

I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.

Happy cooking!

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3 Steps to Change a Negative Mindset

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Change your mindset in 3 steps

Even if you are the party that initiated the split, a divorce is more often than never a bag filled with mixed emotions. No matter the reason, there are many changes that follow a divorce, like new living arrangements, time with your kids, and your finances are sure to take a hit. Even relationships with mutual family and friends will be severely compromised. Nevertheless, like any other big change that might occur in our lives, it can also open a space for you to reinvent your life. You can start living according to your own priorities, your own goals, and your own wishes. No matter what your problem is, be it divorce, or failed friendships, or financial problems, there are ways to turn your frown upside down. Here are 3 simple steps that one can take in order to change your mindset.

1. Seek the help of a professional – If you are overwhelmed with emotion and it feels like you are unable to manage them, a counselor will be a great source to gain the perspective of a third party that is not personally involved in your situation.

2. If negative thinking cycles persist, stop them. Start by processing what happened, and then determine what your part in the incident was. Make peace with the outcome and start looking for a solution. Doing all of this will assist you as you move forward. If the negative thinking sucks you in, try to imagine a big X through the thought. Say cancel, or stop out loud. You can even slam your fist on a table when you do this to make it more effective.

3. Imagine what the future you want looks like and go for it. Know exactly what your goals and dreams look like for the future. Start imagining this is as much detail as you can and also what your plans are in order to achieve them. Taste it, feel it, know what it sounds like and smell it up as if you were there already. The more you are able to focus on this, the quicker you will be able to draw these thoughts into your reality, letting go of all the negative thinking by default.

There are so many things in life that tend to tear us down or make us feel negative about the world around us. We need to capture these negative thoughts and replace them with beautiful images of whatever makes us happy.

Positive thinking!

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SA Government Expenditure: Ministerial Cars

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Government Expenditure: Rental Cars

From January 2012 until 31 March 2013 more or less 10.8 million Rand was used on car rentals by members of our President’s cabinet. The Democratic Alliance revealed recently that 1.3 million Rand has been used by the Public Enterprises as well as Correctional Services and Social Development Ministries on car hire.

The Democratic Alliance Minister of Transport, Mr. Ian Ollis has slammed Ministries for using so much money, explaining that it is sign that government remains to spend on unnecessary costs.

Mr. Ollis made the following statement. “When he came into office in 2009, President Zuma waxed lyrical about ensuring a reduction of wasteful expenditure. In September 2009, he announced that Ministers were thinking about the recession and no longer spending large amounts of money on luxury cars. The continued expenditure indicates that President Zuma’s promise has come to naught.”

Trevor Manuel South Africa’s National Planning Minister-has a 1.2 million Rand car that took the bill for ministerial cars to over 42.6 million Rand.

Trevor Manuel used to urge for a greater sense of responsibility regarding spending habits when he was finance minister, but those statements are completely in contrast with the purchase of his very expensive vehicle. Is no one in our government in any way legit? Does anybody practice what they preach?

Government Expenditure: “Not as bad as it looks”

There are other incidents. The SACP as well as the relevant government departments have made statements saying that is not as bad as it looks. They have defended the purchase of Minister Blade Nzimande’s BMW. The party defended the purchase by saying that it is better to buy once off than to rent a car at high cost. The price tag of 1.1 million Rand is due to the fact that it was a showroom vehicle and it was supposedly obtained at a discount price.

Cosatu congratulated finance minister Pravin Gordhan who bought a very inexpensive Lexus car for 557.673. Minister Nzimande’s car was not acquired at a low enough price according to Cosatu who says that SACP acquired the car presumably for safety. This safety is probably offered by airbags and ABS brakes. Does the car protect against the risk of hijacking?

Should Government Expenditure be monitored?

In a country where jobs are few and money is scarce, one can only wonder how government can afford to live and drive in such luxury. Do we buy them these cars and houses by paying our taxes? Why do they have everything and more while other South Africans are barely making ends meat?

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Oscar Pistorius: Public vs. Private Persona

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Who is Oscar Pistorius really?

I don’t remember exactly where I heard this statement but it stated that if you envy someone else’s life only by what you read on social media, then you are basically envying a lie. This means that what you observe is what people want you to observe from their personal lives. What you see and what you read is mostly just a little snippet of what they are really like, however, people that seem to be living good lives might actually really be living good lives. All I am saying is that every single person on earth, whether they are famous or not, has ups and downs in life, just like we do.

Even though I am writing this article, and even though I post on Facebook every single day and even though you are reading this article and might be following me on Facebook you will not be able to piece together enough to accurately describe me as an individual.

Oscar and the Olympics

This brings met to the inspiration of this article. Mr Oscar Pistorius. Oscar is known throughout the world as the Blade runner. He is the first runner with a double-amputee to ever compete in the Olympics. He has overcome all the odds after being born in our beautiful country with a missing fibula bone in both of his lower legs. He had his legs surgically removed when he was only 11 months old.

I recently saw the photograph of Oscar that was taken on the 14th of February 2013. It was a photograph in which his face was covered by a grey hooded sweatshirt. This is a jarring contrast to one morning in August 2012 where he proudly walked into the Olympic Stadium, waving at the 80 000 spectators and fans applauding him.

Oscar and Reeva

Pistorius was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who was a 29 year old model as well as a law graduate. Some say his version of events does not add up, that the shooting was no accident, and that he could not have mistaken Reeva for a burglar. Others say that it was a form of self-defense as he was fearing for his life. This tragic event reminds us yet again that we cannot equate a person’s accomplishments with heroism and incorruptible behavior. Our achievements do not define us. What we have is not who we are. How can we really expect to know Oscar Pistorius, when we often get no more than a fan dance – suggesting but never truly revealing.

The people who support Oscar’s version of what happened in the early hours of that morning are left to hope for an awful consolation. That Oscar did not shoot Reeva Steenkamp on purpose. We are living in an apprehensive, armored country where a lot of people live in fear of burglars. We live in barricaded houses with high fences that are topped with barbed wire.
The truth is that you kind of know where people are and then all of a sudden that perception goes. Who is Oscar Pistorius really? The double amputee Olympic hero and heartbroken man who lost his girlfriend due to a tragic accident, or the short tempered Olympic runner and cold blooded killer?


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10 Signs that show you may suffer from Fear of Failure

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The Signs for Fear of Failure

Nobody likes to fail but for some people the fear of failure presents such a substantial psychological threat, that their motivation to avoid failure surpasses their motivation to succeed. This fear of failure causes them to damage their chances of success.

How Can fear of failure be a Psychological Threat?

Failing provokes feelings such as disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, regret, etc. But these emotions don’t trigger full blown fear of failure. It is not actually failure that is feared, but it is essentially a fear of shame. Failing makes some people feel deep shame.

Shame is a psychologically venomous emotion because instead of feeling guilt or regret, we feel bad about who we are as people. Shame gets to the core of our ego’s, self-esteem and emotional well-being. Shame makes it urgent for those who have a fear of failure to avoid the psychological threat with ways to alleviate the implications of a potential failure eg by buying unnecessary new clothes for a job interview instead of reading up on the company.

The 10 Signs: Fear of Failure

If these signs are characteristic of you, study this issue further:

1. Failing makes you worry about what other people think of you.
2. Failing makes you worry about your ability to pursue the future you desire.
3. Failing makes you worry that people will lose interest in you.
4. Failing makes you worry about how smart or skillful you are.
5. Failing makes you worry about disappointing people.
6. You tend to express that you don’t expect to succeed, to lower their expectations.
7. Once you fail, you can’t imagine what you could have done differently to succeed.
8. You often get last minute aches and pains that prevent you from completing the task.
9. You often get distracted by other tasks that are not urgent.
10. You tend to procrastinate and ‘run out of time’ to complete your task.
What to do about a Fear of Failure

The primary problem is that a fear of failure operates on an unconscious level. There are two ways to conquer the means by which fear of failure can influence your behavior:

1. Own the fear. Accept that failure makes you feel fear and shame. It can help prevent unconscious efforts to sabotage yourself.

2. Focus on aspects of the task that are in your control. Brainstorm ways to reframe aspects of the task that seem out of your control, to regain control of them.

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Which digital operating system for the future?

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Which digital operating system (DOS) for your Smartphone?

We have built a rather intimate relationship with our smartphones. In some ways more intimate than the relationship with a partner or spouse. The phone has become our digital life support system.

Electronic companies are waging a war and the weapons are ‘new and improved’ gadgets, but the most important battle is about the digital operating system. You remember the hassles when you switched from BlackBerry to Samsung which uses the Android digital operating system. When you now upgrade within the same operating system, you merely have to type in your gmail account and password. As a result of cloud computing, in two ticks, all your data including contacts, pictures and apps will be transferred.

Switching digital operating system discouraged

Should you switch to another operating system, will result in repurchasing ad reloading all the apps from your old operating system. Just too much hassles for some of us!

The apps and data retention is not the only factor. Smartphones are becoming the guards to our extended connected world.
Your digital operating system and the future

In the near future, the smartphone will be the remote control for things in the home. We’ll be switching on lights and heating systems on the way home, not to enter the house in the dark and immediately get in a hot shower. The more we use a smartphone to instruct appliances, the more vital it will be to stay within the same digital operating system.

Google and Android have established a partnership with car manufacturers Audi, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors. Apple has aligned with Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Jaguar, Volvo and Ferrari. They developed the ‘InCar’ system which is now a standard feature on all Apple products. Now that’s confidence in the future of their operating system!

Fenced into a digital operating system

Slowly and very subtly users are being ensnared into a operating system. The prediction is that Android, Apple and Microsoft will prevail and take us into the future. Now is the time to choose which operating system you prefer, because it is steadily becoming too big a hassle to swop one for another.

Ref.: SAA – Sawubona.

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Africa Day – 25 May

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Do you celebrate Africa Day?

Africa Day is a remembrance of the continent’s liberation from colonial rule under whatever nation and the founding of the African Union more than 50 years ago. This day is acknowledged worldwide and is a public holiday in Ghana.
Events around the continent of Africa

Nigeria: In Lagos, capital of Nigeria, African Fashion Week makes its debut from 17 May in the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island.

Morocco: The Festival Mawazine Rhythms of the World, which promotes sincerity and tolerance to other cultures, offers a musical journey to every corner of the globe. This year is the 13th anniversary of the festival and takes place in Rabat from 30 May. America, Lebanon and France, among others, will be represented.

Swaziland: The Bushfire Festival draws people from all over the world to the scenic Malkerns valley, as many as 20 000. They bring their fire and passion for “igniting a collective response for positive change”. The big attraction this year from 30 May is Grammy Award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It also offers family-friendly entertainment, handcraft and food stalls.

Mozambique: The third annual Azgo Music Festival runs from 23 May on Samora Machel Ave in Maputo. It offers audiences 20 local, continental and international acts. Azgo means ‘let’s go’ but also means ‘let’s come together’, a suitable description of the event.

Namibia: In Windhoek on 18 May, the Windhoek Light Namib Quest mountain bike stage race begins. The 500km route, described as a ‘safari on a mountain bike’, ends on 23 May in Swakopmund. It takes riders through iconic landscapes which include the Namib Naukluft National Park.

Kenya: The 17th BuildExpo Kenya 2014 took place in Nairobi this month. Their construction industry is confident and ready for major growth, as this country’s infrastructure, economy, tourism resorts and residential sector are booming!

Uganda: the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe hosts the 25th Conference for the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria from 20 to 23 May. The theme for this year is ‘Thinking In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation for the future. Plans made there will benefit the children of Africa.

Who will dare to say: “ Forget about Africa, nothing ever happens there”?!

Ref.: SAA Sawubona

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The Lindiwe Sisulu vs. Ronnie Kasrils Squabble

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Juvenile politicians – Kasrils, Sisulu and our leading party show true colours

The level of the debate has truly reached rock bottom. Adults on the eve of national elections resorting to the logic of the prep-school play-ground, is an embarrassment to the nation. “If you don’t do it my way I am not going to play with you!” … “I am going to tell them what you did!” … “Big Daddy’s gonna smack you” … ”I am not sharing the sweets!” … “Watch me break the bat if I don’t get another turn.”

The vote is sacrosanct

We are painfully, step-by-step building a democracy. I am an unashamed and hopeful patriot, but this sort of immature tit-for-tat behaviour sets us back by decades. I remember attending a meeting at Stellenbosch University in bad old Apartheid days. A student asked some pertinent questions, and Prime Minister P.W. Botha asked what his name was and what job he aspired to, instead of answering the question or explaining how the national Party planned to deal with matters under discussion. Ms Sisulu’s threats, sulks and personal comments would be funny if it were not so nauseatingly indicative of the ANC’s modus operandi. Freedom of speech and the media, an independent judiciary and our vote, is the bulwark against oppression and a safeguard against despotism. Punish people whose opinion differs from yours, and we are one step away from dictatorship and tyranny. Reward those that agree with you with goodies and benefits (and she admits this in so many words) and the death of democracy is upon us. What next? Banning crime statistics and silencing journalists is but a short step from burning the books and rounding up the Jews. We are battling to grow a culture of freedom and create confidence in human creativity and adaptability, and this is the response of prominent leaders? P.W Botha and Verwoerd would have been proud of you! Except perhaps for the style – Ms Sisulu is too elegant.

Cringing at the antics and statements of one’s leaders is not a banana republic prerogative – Bush and Berlusconi are cases in point – but dear heavens, show a little respect for the suffering and courage of the people that fought for the ideals of democracy. Pieter Dirk Uys said years ago that “democracy isn’t for everyone”. Apparently the satire was not picked up on by some people. Ronnie Kasrils devalues the hard-won secret ballot that has cost lives and years of imprisonment for some, house arrest and loneliness for others. It is a precious and rare privilege to have a vote. It may be the only silent but powerful voice most people in many countries will ever have. It is out of reach of most people in the world. To cry “spoil it!” is to reduce it to something expendable. Destructiveness and violence is surely what we hope to grow out of. Desecration encourages brutality and disrespect. Surely he can think of a more creative and constructive way to make his mark – or not, as the case in this case may be.

<img src="Kasrils.jpg" alt="Kasrils" width="300" height="190">

Democracy Schmocracy

Immature and counterproductive as I consider his tactics to be, Kasrils’ motives might be sound: to stop the flow of gravy if not the train. However, even as I disagree with his strategy I surely have to defend his right to embark on it. Is that not the whole point of a democracy? “I disagree with you but I shall defend with my life your right to disagree with me.”

Ref: N/A

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Oscar Pistorius crying for himself or for Reeva?

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Oscar Pistorius must cry his way out of this one

We all know people who think highly of themselves. They consider themselves different from others and deserving of special treatment. Oscar Pistorius is taking this tendency to its extreme …

Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius’ grandiosity expects a great deal of special attention- the best table in a Melrose Arch-restaurant, his arrogance of asking a friend to take the rap for him after discharging a gun at Tashas, his irresponsible behaviour on the Vaal river , causing great frustration for speedboat- lovers in the Vaal!

Psychologists use the term narcissistic to describe people who portrays a grandiose sense of self-importance who are preoccupied with receiving attention. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a young man in love, charmed by the loving Echo. He was adamant to win over her love. Narcissus spent his days admiring his own image reflected in a pool of water. In a sense Reeva can be compared to the enigmatic and ethereal Echo- she will always remain in people’s hearts.

The Narcissistic Oscar Pistorius

Each individual has an idiosyncratic unique way of experiencing loss. Psychophysiological, affective and cognitive-behavioral factors, such as the mode of death, the relationship with the deceased, subcultural norms and prior losses play a significant role. Our past surely defines us and in Oscar’s case , he had to deal with his parents’ divorce and his mother’s death at a vulnerable age of 15. Oscar cannot cope with loss. On a deep subconscious level, he felt that his mother abandoned him when she died. His psychological birth position in his family is that of a middle child of three. The middle child often feels squeezed out. Such a child may assume a “poor me” attitude and can become a problem child, especially when experiencing trauma. A traumatic event is like an infection- it does something to one’s psyche. The bladerunner’s behaviour strongly correlates with the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)- criteria of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Crying for Reeva?

Is the bladerunner crying for Reeva? Certainly not. During his cross examination by The South African State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, he appeared to be extremely argumentative. The realization of the immensity of what he had done and the fact that he is facing imprisonment overwhelmed him…this is very traumatic in itself, hence he is crying for himself. He is on the brink of losing everything. Monday,12 May 2014 will be Day 30 of the most talked about trial in South Africa. If Gerrie Nel calls a psychologist to the stand, more holes will be identified and needless to say, the grieving mother of Reeva will get some sense of closure. This time, Oscar Pistorius’ controlling nature is not going to save his skin. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is indeed a predator circling around his prey…

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DSTV- Channel 199: Oscar trial

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NOW is the time to start your own business

<img src="own business.jpg" alt="Own Business" width="253" height="300">

Why most people never start their own business

Earning a stable salary reduces the risk of earning an income that may fluctuate from month to month. It’s safer to stay in our comfort zones than to take a step out and follow our passion in life. But, the fact remains that very few people are really happy with their career choices and/or the jobs they hold. So, we rather slug off to work day after day after day in order to earn that little bit of security at the end of each month. This scenario reflects negatively on the rest of our lives. When we are unhappy in our jobs, that reflects on our life at home and in our relationships with our loved ones. We tend to be short tempered, irritable and not the best company to be around. We hate Mondays and cannot wait for a public holiday or Friday afternoon to roll around. In this way, we have very little quality of life.

Lessen the risk when you start your own business – get a Business Mentor

Start your own business with the expert help of a Business Mentor. Getting advice from a Business Mentor may we the wisest thing you have ever done. Invest in your future. Contact a Business Mentor and brainstorm your Business Idea with him/her. If you already own a business, your mentor will be able to advise you on how to improve your business and how to increase your profit.

Your Mentor will provide you with a holistic understanding of your business idea, thereby unleashing the full potential of you as a Business Owner – a force to be reckoned with from now onwards! Talking to a Mentor will therefore help you plan a strategy to greatly reduce a great deal of risk regarding current and future endeavors and even open doors you never imagined.

Willem Gous Business Mentor

<img src="Willem Gous.jpg" alt="Willem Gous" width="175" height="186">
Willem Gous | Business Mentor

Willem has been doing what he loves for years and has built businesses that support his way of living – he spends his days reading, writing, teaching and having fun with his family. Willem spends a few hours a month managing his money-making businesses so that he can focus on what he loves to do, spending time with his family. For fun, he goes flying as a private pilot and regularly travels abroad.

A few topics Willem can help you with:

  • How to find good business ideas
  • Limiting the risks in change
  • Finding what you would love to do in life
  • Making money doing what you love
  • Putting systems in place so that your life is less hectic
  • A more secure financial future
  • Self-discovery & Self-development

Start your own business and start moving forward in life right NOW

Willem Gous is a successful businessman, excited about his life and he believes in paying it forward. He believes in not only taking from life, but giving back in equal amounts. This is his way of staying true to the personal philosophy of ongoing life balance that he advocates and lives to the full.

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