Easter Fun with your kids!

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Chocolate Cakes & Cookie Bakes for hours of Easter Fun

Have some fun and quality time with your kids this Easter

Are you looking for fun ideas to keep the kids happy and busy this Easter? Your children will love all the ideas and things they can make from Diane Muldrow’s exciting new book, Chocolate Cakes and Cookie Bakes. Maggie Swanson contributed all the lovely and colorful illustrations throughout this beautiful book and even though the book focuses on age group 3 – 6 years old, older kids will love all the easy, delicious recipes and creative ideas just as much.

Princesses, fairies and little girls cook up a storm in their little kitchens. They are whipping up the most delicious treats – cookies, cupcakes, muffins, great frosting, a sugar castle and so much more! Entertaining your kids has never been this easy or this much fun!

You even get 100 lovely stickers included for hours of enjoyment and Easter fun.

Your kids will love it and so will you.

Diane Muldrow is the author of quite a few popular children’s books and her latest book, Chocolate Cakes and Cookie Bakes, will entertain just about any family this Easter.

Chocolate Cakes and Cookie Bakes is available from kalahari.com right now. Allow 14 days for shipping.

This lovely book is available for only R72.57, so order right now!

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One of those days – the worst car parking EVER

A bad car parking day

Have you ever had one of those says where you should rather have stayed in bed?  One of those days you wake up and start running around in circles because your alarm clock didn’t go off and you are already sooooo late for work? Then, the milk is sour and you can’t even have a cup of coffee. Your favorite shirt is missing a button and your new puppy chewed on your shoes … Can it get any worse?

Car Parking Lot Horror – The walls are closing in!

The girl in this video certainly didn’t have one of her better days. And she still has to explain what happened …


Car Parking and Car Insurance

Why do you need car insurance if you have no problem with car parking?

To most of us, car parking is not really a problem, but there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.

Accidents happen:

Even the best drivers are sometimes involved in accidents. You may have a black-out, your hand or foot may slip or there may be oil or paint on a road that you do not see in time.

Car Parking Lots:

You may accidentally misjudge the angle and bump another car. When you exit a car parking lot, another vehicle may appear out of the blue and BAM! Fender bender.

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GREAT meals to try before you die

Your bucket list is incomplete without a special meal!

There are many things we hope to achieve in life. Building a successful career or making tons of Moola! Climbing the highest mountain, swimming the deepest ocean, visiting the widest dessert or the darkest forest. Play with gorillas and swim with sharks. All pretty common , but to be a little original add some great meals to try before you die.

Some Exotic great meals to try before you die

<img src="lamb kebabs.jpg" alt="Lamb kebabs" width="150" height="116">
Afghani Lamb Kebabs

Apart from your regular burger, pizza or dagwood, consider your life lacking if you haven’t tried at least one of these:

AFGHANI LAMB KEBABS -The tender grilled, slightly charred, garlicky lamb provides a taste you’ll never forget.

SPANISH STEAK TARTARE – it is mainly minced raw beef mixed with capers, mustard, pepper, topped with a raw egg. The texture and taste tops a normal steak any day.

PARISIEN ESCARGOT – The French celebrate the taste of these mollusks. Instead of watching others eat it, you have to try it for yourself.

IRISH OYSTERS – Rich in vitamins and minerals, Oysters are especially renowned in Ireland for its meat content higher than anywhere in the world.

SWISS CHEESE FONDUE – melted cheese kept runny over a burner with wine and cherry brandy added. This food travels deep into your heart.

PEKING DUCK IN BEIJING – A whole duck with the sweet skin, golden and crispy, and incredibly succulent meat.

JAPANESE FUGU – This meal can be fatal, if incorrectly prepared. A poisonous putter fish that kills about 300 people in Japan every year that has a taste to die for.

Some Less Exotic great meals to try before you die

<img src="strawberries.jpg" alt="Strawberries" width="140" height="91">
Fresh Strawberries

Hot Roasted Chestnuts – It tastes best while walking down the streets of Paris, but are delicious where ever.

Strawberries Picked Fresh From The Field – no store bought strawberries come anywhere near these. It tastes of heaven.

Bone marrow – When roasted, the interior of a beef bone softens and takes on a delicious flavor that coats your whole mouth, leaving you speechless.

A lobster you caught yourself – You’ll find new respect for a Lobster dinner.

A homegrown tomato – There’s no sweeter taste than a ripe, red tomato you grew from a single seed. You taste the sun and the rain that made it grow.

Handmade pasta – You’ll never go back to the box. All it needs is salt, pepper, some good olive oil and a substantial sprinkling of Parmesan.

All the above sound pretty boring?

Sannakji from Korea



Well then, why not try one of these meals before you die?

  • Fried spiders from Cambodia
  • Grasshoppers or chocolate covered scorpions from Thailand
  • Snake Blood, Tuna Eyeballs, Snake Wine, Dog meat and Fried Tarantula from China
  • Sannakji from Korea – live octopus cut into small pieces and served while the tentacles are still squirming.
  • USA Rocky Mountain Oysters – deep-fried bull testicles.

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Ref.: www.mensxp.com/




Do you really need Laptop Insurance?

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Do YOU need Laptop Insurance?

You need to decide if you need Laptop Insurance

After reading this article, you will be able to make an informed choice – whether to insure your laptop or not. We will touch on a variety of different scenario’s for you to consider, including the value of your laptop, ownership and other relevant issues.

10 Questions to answer when considering Laptop Insurance

1 What is the replacement value of your laptop?

2 Is your laptop vital to your job, studies or internet connectivity?

3 Do you own your laptop?

4 Does your employer own your laptop?

5 If so, is your  laptop insured by your employer?

6 Are you able to replace your laptop immediately if it is stolen, damaged or lost?

7 How old is your laptop?

8 Do you frequently take your laptop with you?

9 Is your hard drive protected against viruses?

10 Do you sometimes misplace your keys, glasses or handbag/briefcase?

Now that you have answered the questions above, you will have a better idea about the value of getting Laptop Insurance.

The most frequent Laptop Insurance claims

Insurance Providers receive numerous Laptop Insurance claims and the main reasons for submitting these claims are listed below.

Theft of laptop: Laptop was stolen from workplace, restaurant, car or college

Accidental damage:  Dropping the laptop, spilling of coffee or other substance over the device

Fire: Laptop was lost in fire

Water and Flood Damage: Flooding or rain damage

Power surge: Laptop was damaged due to a power surge

What does Laptop Insurance cover?

Laptop Insurance falls under Home Contents Insurance or Portable Possessions Insurance. Your laptop will be covered against damage, theft and loss. Keep in mind that you should insure your laptop for the replacement value of the make and model you are currently using.

Laptop Insurance Providers

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Things a woman should do before turning 30

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Happiness is …

Your List of Things a woman should do before turning 30

Before turning thirty there are things a woman should own, should know, should do and should stop doing.

Make sure you have:

The grasp that you will get old (if you’re lucky)some day and have started a fund for it.

A good set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.

A satisfying career, or at least a good start to a worthwhile career.

A satisfying relationship, or at least a good start to a worthwhile relationship.

One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry to help you truly appreciate the one that makes you laugh.

A skin-care routine, a strict exercise routine and plans to slow down the aspects of life that do not get any better after 30.

Make sure you know:

How to resign a job, break up with a guy and confront a friend without destroying the friendship.

When to try harder and when to walk away.

Where to go when your soul needs soothing, be it your friend’s couch, a bath or a yoga mat.

You can’t change the length of your legs, the width of your hips, or the nature of your parents, but you can choose your friends and change your hair colour.

That nobody gets away with smoking, drinking, doing drugs or not flossing.

Exactly what you would and wouldn’t do for money or love.

That your childhood, good or bad, is over .

Your choices will determine how your future pans out.

Who you can trust and who not.

Make sure you have developed the skill to:

Use your screwdrivers and cordless drill.

Tactfully tell Mom to back off, or suffer in silence.

Listen to a friend in need.

Ask for help and knowing it is not a sign of weakness.

End an unhealthy relationship or suffer in silence.

Say “no” or suffer in silence.

Negotiate a salary increase.

Apologize when she’s wrong.

Apologize when she’s not wrong, only to get admission of guilt.

Recognize a fake whether it’s a handbag, diamond or person.

Change a flat without a man’s help.

Create a meal with the five items in the fridge.

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Valentines Day: He loves me or he loves me not

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Valentines Day: Does he love me or not?

Girls, this is a great guide to finding out whether he loves you or not. We all know that some guys are real Romeo’s and others … well, you never know what they feel. Let’s assume that you have been dating this guy for some time and you know he cares about you, but does he love you?

10 Ways to find out if he loves you or not on this Valentines Day

The 10 ways to find out if he loves you really, really works and you will know whether you should keep on dating him or not. Let’s concentrate on 5 ways to tell if he does not love you first:

<img src="valentine card.jpg" alt="Valentine card" width="130" height="97">

He does not love you:

1. He gives you a bizarre Valentines Card that says something like: “Do you want to be my Valentine? Surprise!” Of course, there are lots of evil-looking little icons on the card.

2. He gives you an old box of chocolates, maybe something he delved out from the back of his closet.

3. He tells you he cannot take you on a Valentines Day dinner because he’s saving for a new car.

4. He gives you some red roses on Valentines Day, but develops a sudden headache and leaves about twenty minutes after he got there.

5.He gives you a Valentines Day card with the wording: “Let’s just take it slow”.

Better let him go, girl!

<img src="love.jpg" alt="love" width="130" height="97">
Valentine Love
He loves you:

1. He showers you with love, flowers and kisses. He spoils you all he can.

2. He actually remembers Valentines Day and takes you out to dinner instead of going to his pals.

3. He leaves you little clues everywhere and gives you a really special gift.

4. He actually looks nervous and asks you to be his girl, after giving you a lovely card and at least a bunch of flowers.

5. He gets down on his knee and proposes, with a shiny ring in one hand …

This guy is for keeps!

Happy Valentines Day!


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Valentines Day: She loves me/ She loves me not

<img src="valentine card.jpg" alt="Valentine card" width="132" height="96">

Find out if she loves you on this Valentines Day

Guys, this is a guide to finding out whether she loves you or not. Girls are not as shy as what they used to be anymore and they frequently ask a guy on a date. That’s all fine, but when you have been dating for some time, how do you know if she loves you? Or not? Is she sending mixed signals? Are you a little bit confused? You’ll know on this Valentines Day if she shows any of the behavior patterns listed below.

3 Ways to find out if she loves you or not on Valentines Day

The three ways to find out if she loves you is a foolproof wy that works and you will know whether you should keep on dating her or not.

1 You give her a lovely Valentines Day card with the words “I love you”.

She loves you: She blushes and waits for you to kiss her. Or she kisses you.

She doesn’t love you: She looks bored, says thanks and gets away as soon as possible.

2 You surprise her with a huge bunch of lovely red roses on Valentines Day.

She loves you: She takes them, smells them, holds them close to her and kisses you.

She doesn’t love you: She takes it, says “You shouldn’t have”, holds the flowers upside down by their stems and walks away.

3. You book a table at a special restaurant for a Valentine’s dinner with candles, flowers, the works.

She loves you: She smiles beautifully, gazes at you in the candlelight with admiration and she only has eyes for you …

She doesn’t love you: She looks around the restaurant a lot, sighs and keeps on glancing at her watch …

These actions will tell you if she loves you or not. If she loves you, good for you! If not, well, quit while you’re ahead and maybe next year you’ll have better luck.

Happy Valentines Day!

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The 7 worst Valentine Cards

The 7 worst Valentine Cards you can give or get

These Valentine Cards are examples of what you should NOT give or send to your Valentine. If you are in a relationship, you can prepare to get dumped either on or right after Valentine’s Day.  If you are single, prepare to stay that way …

1 The Valentine Card from a would-be poet:

Not such a good idea if you hardly know the person. You may just cause the poor girl (or guy) to run. Away from you.

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

I want to

Undress you”

2 The  more conservative approach:

This Valentine Card may leave you without a Valentine. In fact, why don’t you just write that you’d actually like to be just friends.

“Let’s just take it slow”

3 The Too Much Honesty Approach

Honesty is good. Up to a certain point. Too much honesty may just not have the desired effect. What do you think about this wording in a Valentine Card?

“You’re not really as fat as you think”

4 The Comedy Approach

This may be taking comedy to the brink of disaster. The Valentine Card shows the picture of a urinal. Yes, a urinal. The message inside reads:

“Urinal my thoughts”

5 The Brutally honest Valentine Card

This card says totally more than it should …

“I tolerate you”

6 The Valentine Card that makes one wonder …

The picture on the card shows a funny little blob, melting hearts and then the wording …

“I’d love you even if you were so ugly that everyone died.”

7 The worst ever Valentine Card mistake

Ok, this wording is good enough:

“You are the only one for me

You have my heart

With you I want to be”

This card would have been fine, if it was not given to the wrong girl. The names on the card and the envelope were different …

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10 Valentine Gift ideas for him

<img src="Love is.jpg" alt="Love is" width="138" height="92">

10 Valentines gift ideas for your kind of man

Girls, if you need a little help with a Valentines gift for your man, look no further. The type of personality he has, will lead you to buying what he would really love to get on Valentine’s day. So, browse through the list of types of men until you find one that suits your guy.

1 The Fitness Fanatic

Your guy is superfit and watches his diet. He spends a lot of time in the gym, on his bicycle, jogging, or doing something sporty. You have a hard time keeping up with him, but when you do catch up, he’s energetic and full of fun. Valentine Gift ideas: A subscription to his favorite fitness magazine, gym gear or software that monitors his training or a his&hers massage with you.

2 The Adventurer

He loves the outdoors, going places in his SUV and doing manly stuff. He has a heart of gold, even though he always carries his Swiss Army Knife with him. He would appreciate any of the following Valentine Gift ideas: New pair of hiking boots, a new inflatable (double bed size) mattress, a weekend away in the bush with you.

3 The Car Fanatic

He loves cars and treats his “baby” like a queen. Your guy will easily score full marks on any Formula 1 quiz. You can get him a subscription to CARS Magazine, a book on F1 and all his heroes, a designer cleaning kit for his car with new age polish, cloth wipes and the latest lotion for his windscreen.  Actually, anything to do with his car will be a great gift.

4 The Perfect Professional

He is serious about his career, the work he does and he is constantly striving for more and better. Get him a good whisky, a special pen or, once again, a little time to relax with you in a spa – his and hers spa treatment.

5 The Sports Fan

If your guy loves sport, he may drive you a little bit crazy with having all his loud pals over when there’s a big game. Get him tickets to a big game or a weekend away (with internet sports coverage).

6 The DIY Man

This Do-It-Yourself man is not happy when he’s not fixing something. In his own way, eh … which is not always the correct way. He’s forever drilling, hammering, painting, laying bricks and hanging doors. Get him  the latest in DIY stuff or take him away to a really remote place … with no tools or electricity.

7 The Gadget Guy

Your gadget man loves things that do beep, blinking lights and that tells him everything he may want to know at the press of a button. The answer is easy – give him the latest gadget or take him away from it all and WOW him with a weekend on a secluded beach.

8 The Intellectual

He loves reading, doing research on the internet, finding answers to a never ending supply of questions and playing chess. He likes stimulating conversations and art films. He will appreciate two tickets to a theatre production, a book on any topic he finds interesting or a CD of his favorite artist.

9 The Braai Master

Ok, this guy really, really loves to braai. He listens to Bok van Blerk, watches action movies and loves his beer. You have to force him to eat salads or vegetables. He lives for weekends and is happy when surrounded by family and friends. He’ll be happy with the latest gadgets for his Weber, a weekend away with you where there are no stoves or a nice CD he can listen to when he braais.

10 The Sensitive Soul

This guy may be into the arts – anything from fine art, photography, writing, singing or drama. He may also be into spiritualism or hug trees. He will like a subscription to his favorite magazine, a set of mood CD’s or a his & her spa treatment.

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The BEST EVER Valentine Proposal

The BEST EVER  idea for a (wedding) Valentine Proposal

This is a special suggestion for the guys that want to pop the big question on Valentine’s Day. If you want to really WOW the woman of your dreams, try something like this …

How to pull off a similar wedding Valentine proposal

First of all, you have to get all your friends and family members involved. Then you have to decide on a romantic song and organize at least one rehearsal where all involved can practice their steps, choreography and whatever else is involved.

The biggest problem will be to keep it a secret from your girl, so threaten them or do whatever you have to – but don’t let anybody involved in the proposed  event say one word about your Valentine proposal idea.

The day of your Valentine Proposal

You can give her something small earlier, just to keep her from wondering whether you’ve forgotten about her on Valentine’s day or not. A good idea will be to tell her that you have a little surprise for her … later.

That will explain any weird behavior on your side, especially if you’re on your phone most of the time. Another good idea is to get a friend to be in charge of the actual organizing and stuff on the big day.

Then, you go and pick her up and … let the games begin!

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Best of luck with your Valentine Proposal!


Courtesy of youtube (Isaac Lamb & Amy Frankel)

Artist: Bruno Mars