10 great Valentines gifts ideas

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Valentine chocolate

10 Valentines gifts ideas for your kind of woman

Ok guys, this is a sure way to help you choose the perfect Valentines gift for the woman in your life. Sort through the list below and pick the title that resembles the love of your life. You’ll find some great gift ideas that will show her that you care, know what she’s about and that will definitely earn you some brownie points.

1 Valentines gifts: The FAB Fitness Fanatic
<img src="Black heart rate monitor.jpg" alt="black heart rate monitor" width="138" height="92">
Heart Rate Monitor

Your woman loves sports and stays fit. Good gift ideas: Designer gym wear, a state-of-the-art juice extractor, gym membership for a year, a subscription to her favorite fitness mag or a Heart Rate Monitor watch that shows how many calories she burns.

2 Valentines gifts: The Cute Coffee Lover
<img src="coffee machine.jpg" alt="coffee machine" width="131" height="97">
Designer Coffee Maker

This woman loves coffee, rich fragrances and will love any of the following: Gift box of her favorite coffee flavors and coffee flavoured chocolates, fashionable coffee grinder, a Full-Throttle Coffee Machine or a set of Bodums.

3 Valentines gifts: The Gorgeous Glamour Girl
<img src="spa treatment.jpg" alt="Spa treatment" width="138" height="92">
Luxury Spa Treatment

If your woman loves glitz & glamour, you will be in the pound seats if you give her a subscription to her choice glam magazine, a spa booking for a massage and treats or take her out to a glamorous restaurant and really treat her.

4 Valentines gifts: The Wily Wine Lover
<img src="red wine.jpg" alt="Red wine" width="133" height="95">
Special Vintage

If your girl is a wine connoisseur, the following gifts will make her appreciate you all the more: a Glass Wine Porer/Decanter, a Gift basket with her favorite wines, saltines, cheese and dark chocolate. Another option is to take her on a romantic picnic or buy her an exquisite set of wine glasses.

5 Valentines gifts: The Glorious Golfer
<img src="female golfer.jpg" alt="Female golfer" width="96" height="150">
Get into the swing of things!

Your golfer girl loves the outdoors and has a swing that puts you to shame. Get her a bunch of flowers and the golf club she’s been hinting for, pay her club fees for a year, a subscription to her golfing mag, a new bag for her clubs or a golf gift pack for girls.

6 Valentines gifts: The Piquant Photographer
<img src="female photographer.jpg" alt="Female photographer" width="133" height="95">
The Photo fundi

She loves taking photos and her camera goes wherever she goes. A good choice will be the lens that she has been talking about, a subscription to her favorite photography mag or the latest photo editing software.

7 Valentines gifts: The ZEN Woman
<img src="zen woman.jpg" alt="Zen woman" width="119" height="93">

This woman is grounded, close to nature and likes to keep things uncomplicated and uncluttered. Ideal gifts include: a complete bamboo sushi kit, a yoga mat and set of CD’s, a selection of candles, incense and burners, a gift box of oriental tea or a miniature zen garden.

8 Valentines gifts: The Perfect Professional
<img src="business woman.jpg" alt="Business woman" width="150" height="90">
The Professional

She is a working professional and always on the go. She will love any of the following gifts: An E-Reader, a fabulous handbag or briefcase, the latest software she needs, a subscription to her favorite business mag or a florist voucher that supplies fresh flowers to her office for a year.

9 Valentines gifts: The Avid Artist
<img src="female artist.jpg" alt="Female artist" width="100" height="150">
The Artist

She loves painting and is always looking for new brushes, paint and canvases. Treat her to a set of Bamboo Paint Brushes in different sizes, a selection of tubes of her favorite paint or a gift box with canvases, paint and brushes.

10 Valentines gifts: The Biker Babe
<img src="female biker.jpg" alt="Female biker" width="150" height="120">
Biker Babe

Your biker girl loves the open road and her leathers. Speed is her middle name. Treat her to a pair of new leather biking gloves, a GPS to fit to her bike, a subscription to her biker mag or a great new helmet.

Valentines Gifts every woman will like are jewellery (not costume jewellery), a designer handbag, a subscription to her favorite woman’s magazine and a lovely night out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims and Payouts

<img src="money.jpg" alt="Money" width="130" height="97">
Insurance Payout

Listed below are 3 of the biggest insurance claim payouts regarding private claimants. Bigger insurance payouts involve mass payouts to victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. The last claim here will definitely leave you thinking and wondering …

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $37 Million (£23 Million)

During 2012, Agnes Collier, a 17 year old student from London, received one of the biggest insurance claim payouts when she was awarded £23 Million. She was involved in a vehicle accident and was left severely disabled. Her mother died in the same accident.

Her payout is based on a lump sum payment of $11.5 million, with additional annual payments up to a total amount of $37 million to help cover her medical expenses.

Agnes is making good progress and plans to study at Oxford or Cambridge. She has the aid of a scribe and some motor function has also returned to her arms.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $7,75 Million (£4,7 Million)

The second biggest of insurance claim payouts was also made in 2012.

In Virginia, a man slipped and fell on ice in his driveway. He broke a number of bones and eventually, seriously complications developed regarding these injuries. Due to the fact that the claimant is a diabetic, treatment was complicated.

The case was awarded in favour of the claimant, because the landlord failed to remove snow and treat the ice-covered areas with sand or salt. This is a requirement of law in the state of Virginia.

The 3 Biggest Insurance Claims & Payouts: $1,5 Million (£910,000)

<img src="Rowan Atkinson.jpg" alt="Rowan Atkinson" width="113" height="112">
Mr Bean or Mr Gold?

Maybe the strangest of the 3 biggest insurance claim payouts, is the case involving Rowan Atkinson, well-known for his portrayal of Mr Bean.

In a historical insurance claim case, he was awarded the biggest car insurance claim ever recorded in the UK. Atkinson slipped on ice, crashed his McLaren into a tree and injured his shoulder. Atkinson’s previous car insurance claim, also involving his beloved McLaren, was also paid out.

<img src="McLaren car.jpg" alt="McLaren car" width="138" height="91">
Mr Bean’s McLaren

That leaves us wondering about his current insurance premiums …

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Vital Information about Traffic Fines

<img src="traffic officers.jpg" alt="Traffic officers" width="138" height="92">
Traffic Officers

Traffic Fines around every corner

According to the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO), you can get traffic fines for the following traffic offenses and motorist behavior:

Lack of emergency triangle in car: Fine R500

If your vehicle was first registered on or after 1 July 2006, you have to have an emergency triangle in your boot or car. Older cars do not need one. Question is, why not? Aren’t the older cars more likely to break down? Charge code 2863 applies.

Number Plate not legible: Fine R500

You can be fined quite a stiff fine if your vehicle is driven on a public road with a number plate not clearly legible or visible. Charge code 1207 applies.

No Registration and License: Fine R1 000

The owner of a vehicle that was not registered and licensed or not licensed will be fined. Charge code 1250 applies.

Failure to comply with Traffic Officer Instruction: Fine R500

Failure to comply with an instruction or direction given by a traffic officer will result in a fine. If you obtruct, hinder or interfere with a Traffic Officer on duty you will also be fined. Charge code 1 000 applies.

Class of Vehicle: Fine R1 250

You will be fined a whopping R1 250 if you drive or operate a vehicle that you are not licensed for. This refers to class of vehicle, so you may not drive a truck if you don’t have a license that permits you to do that. Charge code 1 700 applies.

No Driver’s License: Fine R1 250

If you operate a vehicle without an A1 code driving licence issued to you, or of any document deemed to be a driving license, you can be sure to receive a fine. Charge code 1702 applies.

No License in vehicle: Fine R500

You will lose R500 if you drive around without your driver’s license in the car. Charge code 1710 applies.

Rather  follow the rules and regulations, before you end up with a few traffic fines in your possession.

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Michael Schumacher – The Greatest F1 driver ever

<img src="Michael Schumacher.jpg" alt="Michael Schumacher" width="130" height="97">
Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher F1 Champion

Michael Schumacher was born on 3 January 1969 in Hürth, West Germany. The 45 year old F1 Racing Driver started his formidable career at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, then went on to win his first race the very next year at the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix.

His active racing years on the circuit spanned the period between 1991 and 2012, with a break from F1 driving between 2006 and 2010. He competed in 308 races, winning 91 and accumulating 1,566 career points whilst racing for the Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes teams.

Schumacher’s last win was at the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix and he took part in his last race, the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, before retiring from F1 racing.

According to the official Formula One website, Schumacher is “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” and regarded by many as one of the all time greatest F1 drivers. He holds numerous driver records, including fastest laps, pole positions and the most races (13) won in one season.

Michael Schumacher – Where to from now?

Global concern grows for the prognosis of Michael Schumacher, after his head struck a rock whilst skiing in Meribel, France.

“After his skiing accident, he may never be the same again.”

A brain specialist spoke these ominous words after French doctors have conducted medical tests on the former F1 champion. During an emergency operation, a small part of his skull was removed in order to relieve pressure on his brain and although his condition is stable, he remains in critical condition.

Doctors further state that he may not be the same person as before and may be hampered by limitations, which will be extremely difficult for him to come to terms with.

Michael Schumacher is a legend and his legacy lives on.

<img src="smiley.jpg" alt="Smiley face" width="138" height="92">
Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1

High-Risk Lifestyles and Life Insurance

For people in high-risk occupations and leading an adventurous life, life insurance is vital.

But, generally speaking, anyone is at risk – even if you walk across the street, drive to work or cycle on the road. Vehicle accidents are responsible for an escalating number of deaths. Disability due to accidents is a life changing event and puts a heavy financial strain on the disabled person and his/her family.

Life Insurance

You can cover your life for an amount that will be paid to selected beneficiaries and ease the financial strain when you are no longer able to provide for your loved ones.

Disablement Insurance: Occupation-based and Event-based

Both of these Disability cover options provide financial compensation in the unfortunate event that you become disabled or medically unfit to earn an income.

Dread Disease Insurance

Dread Disease Insurance covers you financially when you are diagnosed with a critical illness or medical condition such as cancer, organ failure and severe heart conditions.

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Zuma booing – Blade lashes out

<img src="Blade Nzimande.jpg" alt="Blade Nzimande" width="92" height="123">
Blade booing Zuma booers

SA Communist Party secretary, Blade Nzimande, lashed out at the crowd that booed President Jacob Zuma during Madiba’s memorial service at the FNB Stadium during December 2013.

Earlier this week, Blade Nzimande was a speaker at the Moses Mabhida Stadium during an event commemorating the life of Nelson Mandela. He said that those who booed President Zuma had insulted the President’s dignity and embarrased the country. He undertook to have the booing culprits identified, named and shamed.

How does he plan to have each and every person booing Zuma identified? Then, what does he plan to do? Give them fines, throw them in jail … or worse?

This way of thinking reminds one of the communist way of ruling the masses through fear.

Is retaliation the answer or does it just constitute yet another governmental boo-boo?

<img src="smiley.jpg" alt="Smiley face" width="138" height="92">
Crowd booing Zuma at FNB

Mandela Legacy vs Zuma booing

Blade Nzimande further told the crowd that the best way to honour Madiba was to ensure that the ANC remains in power.

If the ANC, as the current governing political party, wants to honour Madiba, they’ll have to start doing things differently. The ANC will have to sit down and seriously consider party policies, leadership and the way the party is perceived by the South African public.

The best way to honour Madiba is to govern the country in an honourable, transparent way.

Is that possible or is a shift of political power needed?

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Booing Zuma debacle a turning point or circus?

<img src="Jacob Zuma.jpg" alt="Jacob Zuma" width="130" height="97">
Jacob Zuma

Zuma should have seen it coming.

Especially with the whole Nkandla debacle on top of the recent Gupta and historic/acute corruption issues associated with the first citizen of our rainbow nation, South Africa.

Although the platform where the booing took place – when the nation and the world said goodbye to Madiba – may not have been the best forum, it nevertheless carried a powerful message in itself. The message, in stark contrast to Madima’s legacy, clearly did not convey approval of Jacob Zuma and his ANC government.

With the booing of Zuma at the FNB Stadium juxtaposed to the loud cheering for Obama, the voice of the nation made a statement that  needs no explaining. By booing Zuma, the crowd made no secret of their lack of trust in Zuma, also voicing their lack of respect for him as the nation’s leader.

What does JZ have to say about the entire booing Zuma issue?

According to the Mail & Guardian, Zuma’s reported reply to the booing was that “Booing is a form of self-expression.”

That may well be true.

But, if the crowd chose to express themselves by booing Zuma, maybe the time has come for Zuma and the ANC to pay more attention to the feelings and opinions of the South African public.

<img src="smiley.jpg" alt="Smiley face" width="143" height="88">
Crowd booing Zuma

The deeper meaning of booing Zuma

This incident reflects a public display of frustration and dissatisfaction regarding the way Zuma’s government is allegedly running the country. With the date for the 2014 General Elections drawing closer, this issue, coupled with the Nkandla debate, does not reflect on Jacob Zuma in a very positive way.

The question whether the booing Zuma incident was planned, is also raised.  Some fingers are now pointing to the Gauteng wing of the ANC, but no proof exists of planning for this kind of mass action.

Booing Zuma vs Zuma Hotline

Where Zuma’s hotline leaves much to be desired, the voice of the crowd certainly came through loud and clear. They are tired of excuses and poor service delivery, ongoing  corruption scandals, of poor housing standards, pitiable education and even worse health care standards.

Does Booing Zuma mark a turning point in South African politics?

Now that the door has been opened to the public voicing of disapproval, one can only wonder how often this state of affairs will be repeated during Zuma’s election campaign.

The fact that the booing of Zuma does not positively reflect on the ANC is a certainty. How will the ANC cope with this fact?

Zuma frequently propagates the message that if you are not for us (Zuma + ANC), then you are against us. This “shared identity” of Zuma and the ANC may just cause an upheaval in South African politics during the elections of 2014.

Interesting times are predicted for 2014.

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Car Insurance Premiums: Men vs Women

Do men or women pay lower Car Insurance Premiums?

The battle of the sexes is on!

Men against women. Who pays lower car insurance premiums and why?

Have a look at the following infographic and find the clues …

<img src="women vs men insurance.jpg" alt="Women vs Men Insurance" width="450" height="633">


Accidents: Men are more likely to be involved in an accident than women. Statistics show that 82% of men have been involved in accidents, compared to 72% of women.

Men are more likely to have hit an animal while driving. Men 60% vs women 41%. Then, 46% of men have had a close call with a cyclist or pedestrian versus 35% of women.

Speeding: This is not really a difficult option … Men that regularly drive at high speed hit the jackpot at 10% against only 6% of women. What’s more – 13% of men admit to ignoring speed limits compared to 6% of women.

Driver Etiquette: Rude gestures and foul language when driving are some of the communication techniques 59% of men use when driving. Female drivers are, however, not far behind with 55%. One in five men admits to being an impatient driver, compared to one in six women.

Distractions: Men are more likely than women to lose concentration when changing radio stations – men 42% vs 38% of women. One in five men use cellphones without a hands-free kit when driving against one in six women.

Impaired Driving: Nearly half of all men have driven when having consumed alcohol over the legal limit against one in four women. Men 48% vs women 26%

Risk: Men take more risks than women and are also more prone to overtake in dangerous situations.

Insurance Companies and car insurance premiums

Men are viewed as higher risk drivers than women and that is why their car insurance premiums are higher. There are exceptions to the rule, but car insurance premiums are determined by statistics.

At 1st for Women , women can pay up to 29% less for car insurance premiums!

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Are you a safe driver?