Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance

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Get your Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Black Friday – a shopper’s dream. Whether you shop online or at your local store, remember to get your new possessions insured with Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance right away.

At Dial Direct, we offer instant insurance for your laptops, jewellery, cellphones and all the things you buy during your Black Friday Specials shopping spree.

Get your Black Friday Internet Specials Insurance before anything happens to your new valued possessions and you wish you had them insured.

 You can get inexpensive cover at Dial Direct for all of the following:

Laptop Insurance

Cellphone Insurance

Briefcase & Handbag Insurance

Glasses Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Camera Insurance

All Risk Insurance

Be really smart and cover your Black Friday shopping purchases with Black Friday Insurance at Dial Direct.

Income Insurance

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Get Income Insurance before its too late!

Do you have Income Insurance?

You are secure in your job and rely on receiving a monthly income. Your salary covers the house bond, groceries, car payment, school fees, utility bills and more. Have you ever given thought to the unfortunate possibility of not getting a monthly income?

What would happen if you are retrenched? Involved in an accident and unable to earn an income? What if you become ill and lose your income?

The best time to provide for unfortunate circumstances is now. Safeguard your future with Income Insurance and rest assured that you will be covered for the important monthly expenses you can’t afford not to pay.

What is Income Insurance?

Income Insurance is an insurance policy that provides protection for periods when you do not receive an income. Income Insurance pays you a percentage of your current monthly salary each month when you do not work due to legal retrenchment, temporary illness or injury.

Income Insurance period of payment

Your Income Insurance is paid out on a monthly basis and usually pays out for a period of up to six months. However, different Insurance Providers offer Income Insurance products that may vary, so the best option is to shop around for a package that suits your needs and budget.

In the event of permanent disability, your Income Insurance plan generally pays out until you reach the age of 65 years. This is applicable when you are unable to perform In the event of permanent disability, your Income Insurance plan generally pays out until you reach the age of 65 years. This is applicable when you are unable to perform any type of work suited to your circumstances.

Calculation of Income Insurance

On average, Insurance Providers estimate your monthly pay-out at between 65% and 75% of your current salary. This means that you will be able to pay urgent and necessary household accounts.

Income Insurance products may vary, so shop around until you find the product that suits you.

Why You Need Health Insurance

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Can you afford NOT to have Health Insurance?

Why do you Need Health Insurance?

For you to make a wise and educated health insurance decision, it is important to understand what the value of health insurance is and why you need it. It may sound rather obvious, but there are many people who don’t fully understand the basic function of health insurance or how it works.

In a nut shell, health insurance will help to protect you in the following ways:

Health Insurance will protect your finance

As Insurance companies negotiate rates with health care providers, you will be entitled to discounted rates as a policy holder of that insurance company. For anybody without coverage, the fee charged for a normal visit can be as much as double the norm.

Health Insurance will safeguard you from unforeseen medical costs

Even if there are certain costs you have to pay for in your health plan, having some cover can shield you from bankruptcy that could happen in the case of injury and high hospitalization costs.

Health Cover improves and protects your health

That is because it gives you access to higher quality and quantity care.

As the holder of a health insurance plan, you have access to a wide group of health care providers.

You are provided with critical care

It is true that uninsured patients might often get emergency-room care and receive a bill afterwards, but chances are they may not get essential treatment for a life-threatening chronic condition, unless they pay for it first.

Health Insurance encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle

Because you have Health Insurance you will probably be more likely to take make use of regular checkups as well as preventive care, since you know it won’t clear out your bank savings account.

You may ask: “Is it not far too expensive to buy my own health insurance coverage?”

The answer is: “Not necessarily”. The truth is that Individual and Family health insurance can be surprisingly reasonably priced.

Can you actually afford not to have Health Insurance? 


Why do I need Car Insurance?

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Nobody can do without Car Insurance

Do I really need Car Insurance?

Life is expensive enough as it is, so why do I need the added expense of car insurance premiums?

When you own a car, you immediately fall into a higher risk category. You now own a valuable item that may break down, get stolen, catch fire and be involved in an accident. In order to cover your car against unfortunate events as noted above, car insurance is the answer.

Car Insurance may also save you from financial ruin if you are involved in an accident and cause injury or death to a  third party or damage to third party property.

Note: When you sell your car, never cancel your insurance before the title is transferred to the new owner.

Young adults and car insurance

Young adults up to the age of 25 generally find that they pay higher car insurance premiums than older drivers and there are a few reasons for this issue. Insurance Providers state that young drivers are less experienced, more prone to speeding, DUI and reckless driving. Young drivers can counter this, by undergoing an Advanced Driver Course and keeping their driving record clean.

What does 3rd Party Insurance cover?

Third Part Liability covers accidental  damages and injury to a third party and third party property by you. This is cheap insurance and excludes damage to your own car, but will help to pay for damages to third party property.

The risk of Car Theft

In South Africa, Car Insurance with theft cover is vital, especially if you take into account the high rate of  hijackings and car theft portrayed in annual statistical reports.

If your car was stolen, would you be able to afford a new car right away?

Car theft is covered in both 3rd Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive Insurance policies.

Note: Cheap insurance is not always the best option. You may get more value for money if you take the more expensive option.

Is Medical Cover included In Car Insurance Policies?

Insurance Companies offer a generous range of insurance products, many of which cover medical cost up to specified amounts. You can buy additional insurance products in order to augment your basic car insurance policy with additional medical cover. Insurance policies also include a wide collection of benefits and essential medical assistance at no extra cost to the policy holder.

Insurance Law

Although many countries across the world enforce laws that make car insurance compulsory, South Africa is not there yet. Legislation enforcing car insurance is on the table and all South African drivers may soon be required to get at least 3rd Party Insurance.

Budget Insurance

Be prepared when unforeseen circumstances like car theft, a car accident or fire damage to your car occur. At Budget Insurance you can tailor your insurance to your individual circumstances at a price that suits your budget.




Useful Tips for Homeowners

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A Homeowners Policy is vital!

Useful Tips on Homeowners Insurance

There are some things you have to know about Home insurance and that includes selecting the best insurer and getting suitable and enough coverage.

1. You are only a statistic.

In the eyes of an insurer, you’re not a person with a name; you are a set of risks. When an insurer has to decide on you as a client and your premium, they base it on your “risk factors,” which include your occupation, who you are in society, how much you own, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

2. You have to know the value of your home.

Before you decide on a policy, call in the help of a local builder to give you an all inclusive estimate of your home’s replacement cost.

3. Be aware that Insurers differ.

Whether it’s a car or furniture that you are buying, the same product can have vastly different prices at different suppliers. The same is true when you purchase Homeowners Insurance. Get a few quotes, compare and save yourself some money.

4. Price is not the only important factor to consider.

Do your homework! Ask around! Investigate the insurer’s track record for servicing a claim. You will stop smiling at a low premium, if an insurer is in no rush to deal with your claim.

5. Consider more than the basics.

Buying a basic homeowners policy will be cheaper, but it might not offer to fully replace your home, if that is what you need some day.

6. Enquire and request discounts.

Certain behaviour on your side, that will reduce risk, will attract discounts from your Insurer.

A huge amount of money is lost by policy holders who don’t ask for discount. The insurers are quietly smiling about all the money they score.

7. Your insurer is not essentially your friend when you have a claim.

You and your insurer may have a very different opinion of fair compensation. It is your insurer’s responsibility to reinstate your financial position. It is your responsibility however to prove the full extent of your losses in order to get full refurbishment.

8. Have the correct details to file a claim.

Make sure your policy is regularly updated. Read the policy before you file a claim to prevent any nasty or disappointing surprises.

Have a look at the following interesting information:

How your Home Insurance premium is calculated



Dental Care and Health Insurance

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Does your Health Insurance include Dental Care?

Is Dental Care covered by Health Insurance Plans?

Consumers are often confused about their health and dental insurance benefits. What’s covered and what is not, can be long and detailed list. The overlap between health and dental plans is very often unclear.

Most of us know or think we know that somewhere in our health plan something about dental care is mentioned. There is some confusion about dental and vision as part of the crucial health benefits included in every health plan. This confusion can lead to a huge shock when one realises or are told that your health Insurance plan excludes both and perhaps other kinds of care too.

So, do Health Insurance plans include dental care or not?

Well it depends on the kind of care that is needed. Some procedures do fall under major medical benefits in your health insurance, while others are only covered in a dental plan.

TMJ treatment is often included in health insurance cover, but not in dental cover. Wedged wisdom teeth are normally covered by health insurance plans, while erupt wisdom teeth are determinedly covered under dental care. Oral surgery tends to be covered by health insurance.

Just know that various plan have different rules and details, both for dental and medical cover.

Three ways to avoid unexpected costs

1. Get comprehensive coverage – From the onset get dental care and health insurance included in your health care cover to be sure of benefits for major medical and oral health services.

2. Know your benefits – Scrutinize your dental and health plan details when you receive your membership documents. Get to know what is covered and what is not. If there is anything you don’t completely understand contact the insurer to get explanations.

3. Coordinate your care – Before making an appointment for treatment or procedures, make sure the care you are planning to receive and the caregiver to treat you, are both covered by your insurance plan and under which plan it is covered. Call your insurers to confirm benefits.

Get clarity as to what care may be embedded into a major medical plan or should be purchased as a stand-alone plan.

Life Insurance Scams

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Scam Alert!

Common Life Insurance scams

Life Insurance scams are tempting due to is the large financial potential. The following are scams that could cost you personally:

1. Stranger-Owned Life Insurance

This is a scheme in which strangers own a policy on someone’s life normally sold to them by the insured. Scammers offer money up front for a life insurance policy, normally as a loan.

If the insured dies within the first two years, the family gets the benefit, and repays the loan. If the insured didn’t die, fraudsters hope he will transfer the policy to the lender, and not repay the loan. The lender becomes the beneficiary, receiving the big payout when the insured dies. Scammers go after the elderly, as they are likely to die sooner, with better profits.

2. Churning

Annuities promise a future regular income. However, payouts are locked out for 10 to15 years to allow growth. Scammers get older seniors to substitute their existing annuities with new annuities – for an instant cash bonus.

Seniors may never get the bonus and are trapped in a new annuity that cannot be accessed for up to 15 years, without paying a large penalty. Even if the bonus is paid, it doesn’t counteract the inaccessible source of income.

3. Twisting

Large annuities pays big commissions to agents. In order to get approval for a larger annuity, a scammer may increase your net worth, to appear that you can afford it. It will replace all other annuities. You end up with an unaffordable annuity – and no way to get your money without paying large penalties.

4. Bait and Switch

As Life insurance commissions are high compared to other types of insurance and whole life policies even more so. A scammer will sell you one type of policy and switch it with a whole life policy. You may find that you haven’t got what you thought you were and premiums may be higher than you expected.

5. Fake Death

Scammers fake a death to get a payout and even forge signatures on death certificates. Some take out policies on so-called “relatives” and fake their deaths. One scam operation involved a staged funeral and a coffin containing cow parts.