10 great Valentines gifts ideas

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Valentine chocolate

10 Valentines gifts ideas for your kind of woman

Ok guys, this is a sure way to help you choose the perfect Valentines gift for the woman in your life. Sort through the list below and pick the title that resembles the love of your life. You’ll find some great gift ideas that will show her that you care, know what she’s about and that will definitely earn you some brownie points.

1 Valentines gifts: The FAB Fitness Fanatic
<img src="Black heart rate monitor.jpg" alt="black heart rate monitor" width="138" height="92">
Heart Rate Monitor

Your woman loves sports and stays fit. Good gift ideas: Designer gym wear, a state-of-the-art juice extractor, gym membership for a year, a subscription to her favorite fitness mag or a Heart Rate Monitor watch that shows how many calories she burns.

2 Valentines gifts: The Cute Coffee Lover
<img src="coffee machine.jpg" alt="coffee machine" width="131" height="97">
Designer Coffee Maker

This woman loves coffee, rich fragrances and will love any of the following: Gift box of her favorite coffee flavors and coffee flavoured chocolates, fashionable coffee grinder, a Full-Throttle Coffee Machine or a set of Bodums.

3 Valentines gifts: The Gorgeous Glamour Girl
<img src="spa treatment.jpg" alt="Spa treatment" width="138" height="92">
Luxury Spa Treatment

If your woman loves glitz & glamour, you will be in the pound seats if you give her a subscription to her choice glam magazine, a spa booking for a massage and treats or take her out to a glamorous restaurant and really treat her.

4 Valentines gifts: The Wily Wine Lover
<img src="red wine.jpg" alt="Red wine" width="133" height="95">
Special Vintage

If your girl is a wine connoisseur, the following gifts will make her appreciate you all the more: a Glass Wine Porer/Decanter, a Gift basket with her favorite wines, saltines, cheese and dark chocolate. Another option is to take her on a romantic picnic or buy her an exquisite set of wine glasses.

5 Valentines gifts: The Glorious Golfer
<img src="female golfer.jpg" alt="Female golfer" width="96" height="150">
Get into the swing of things!

Your golfer girl loves the outdoors and has a swing that puts you to shame. Get her a bunch of flowers and the golf club she’s been hinting for, pay her club fees for a year, a subscription to her golfing mag, a new bag for her clubs or a golf gift pack for girls.

6 Valentines gifts: The Piquant Photographer
<img src="female photographer.jpg" alt="Female photographer" width="133" height="95">
The Photo fundi

She loves taking photos and her camera goes wherever she goes. A good choice will be the lens that she has been talking about, a subscription to her favorite photography mag or the latest photo editing software.

7 Valentines gifts: The ZEN Woman
<img src="zen woman.jpg" alt="Zen woman" width="119" height="93">

This woman is grounded, close to nature and likes to keep things uncomplicated and uncluttered. Ideal gifts include: a complete bamboo sushi kit, a yoga mat and set of CD’s, a selection of candles, incense and burners, a gift box of oriental tea or a miniature zen garden.

8 Valentines gifts: The Perfect Professional
<img src="business woman.jpg" alt="Business woman" width="150" height="90">
The Professional

She is a working professional and always on the go. She will love any of the following gifts: An E-Reader, a fabulous handbag or briefcase, the latest software she needs, a subscription to her favorite business mag or a florist voucher that supplies fresh flowers to her office for a year.

9 Valentines gifts: The Avid Artist
<img src="female artist.jpg" alt="Female artist" width="100" height="150">
The Artist

She loves painting and is always looking for new brushes, paint and canvases. Treat her to a set of Bamboo Paint Brushes in different sizes, a selection of tubes of her favorite paint or a gift box with canvases, paint and brushes.

10 Valentines gifts: The Biker Babe
<img src="female biker.jpg" alt="Female biker" width="150" height="120">
Biker Babe

Your biker girl loves the open road and her leathers. Speed is her middle name. Treat her to a pair of new leather biking gloves, a GPS to fit to her bike, a subscription to her biker mag or a great new helmet.

Valentines Gifts every woman will like are jewellery (not costume jewellery), a designer handbag, a subscription to her favorite woman’s magazine and a lovely night out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!